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Shenzhen R&Z World Optoelectronic Co., Limited,  focus on the development of LED lighting, China LED retrofit manufacturer
Since our company was established 10 years, has a R&D team of 50 staff members currently, mainly focus on the research of LED design, heat management, optics and LED drivers. Our main products are LED Retrofit Kit,  LED Panel light, LED Tube light,High Bay Light..Our design focus more on the integration of light and environment, starting from the aesthetic needs of people, better expresses people’s psychological internal needs.
The core values of R&Z team are fully develop its private brand, greatly input on research of leading LED technology products. We have long insisted on introducing the state-of-the-art LED lighting products and solutions to world-wide customers. R&Z has introduced many classic lighting cases by constant revolutions and innovations.
R&Z persists that employees be the foundation of eternal development of business, and insists on mutual-trust and responsibility as the essence of its corporate culture. Moreover, for long-term partnership suppliers and customers, R&Z also highly values the integrity and mutual support  with them.  
Wish: To be an industry example of China LED retrofit manufacturer
Mission: Creating value for customers and shareholders




We always adhere to the quality and innovation, depending on the quality of company is the starting point of value and dignity, innovation is the source of the development of the company.
To create a high performance team:
The team as a form of organization for a long time in sports, military, economy, in recent years, with the world's integration, concept and knowledge change rapidly, the development of enterprises, must be in need of a powerful high performance team cohesion to promote the healthy and complete work smoothly, so the construction of high performance the team is an important policy of the enterprises not to move or retreat.
Science and technology to create green lighting:
Efficiency: efficiency, striving for efficiency
Execution: no execution, no competitive power.
Innovation: Based on technology, innovation is the motive force of the development of
Cooperation: the spirit of cooperation, is the core of enterprise culture

we ensure the provision of equipment is new, complete, unused.
In order to support the operation and maintenance of the contract equipment, our factory to ensurethe technical information provided complete, clear and correct.
Purpose: to guarantee timely response, as soon as possible, to ensure that the use of.
Warranty period: on the screen during the warranty period, free of all repair services; more than the warranty period, only charge the cost of the material used in the repair service, do not charge labor costs.
The scope of warranty:
Users in the use process, if found unable to solve the problem, can be directly used for telephone,fax contact with our company, our company will respond as soon as possible, restore the normal operation within 24 hours. Shorten the repair time to ensure, our company will be equipped withspare parts such as power supply, chip etc..
Under normal circumstances, our company is responsible for the quality of equipment. If the faultoccurs due to the quality of products, our company will be free of charge for the repair andreplacement parts. In the warranty period, if it is found that the device is not working properly,should I use the company issued a written report to the detailed description of the problem, the specific situation.
After the end of the project, we will be lifelong maintenance system, and constantly improve the function of the system and to upgrade the software, the need to increase the hardware equipment,only charge the device cost.
After sale service: regular maintenance, visit, consultation, improvement.

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