LED wall pack light provide good security and energy effcient light

LED wall pack light can best be described as commercial light fixtures mounted on the sides of building walkways,buildings,parking garages as well as other commercial buildings,they provide good security and energy effcient light for the business buildings,and this makes them a darling for the commercial lighting industry.
designed either for new construction or full replacement,these lights come in different brands and lens varieties including acrylic,high impact polycarbonate,and prismatic glass,you will be able to choose from a variety of finish options like bronze,white,and black,as well as different color temperatures and  sizes.
those who aren't ready to replace the whole fixture can still enjoy the benefits of the energy efficient LED lighting.this can be made possible by retrofitting the existing metal halide pack by use of led wall pack retrofit kits.most people always prefer the dark sky full cutoff fixture because of its ability to minimize light pollution by directing the light downwards on the walkway or street.
this lighting system is directional,and unlike the HID wall packs,it doesn't lose lumen output.this enables it to put out a comparable quailty and amount of light to replace the highly reted MH fixture.some of the LED wall pack fixture have an in-built photocell,while others come without so that they are added,with the photocell in place,the lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn.you can also pair them with timers so that you only use the fixture at specific times.these optional features can help save more money and extend your fixture's lifespan.

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