what makes led shoebox lights unique?

LED Shoebox light

When thinking of replacing your HID parking lot light or exterior HPS(high pressure sodium) light bulbs,LED shoebox light can be an ideal option to go for.the led shoebox light fixtures have been used to light up entrances,parking lots,roadways,parks,car dealership and other general light areas.the use of this kind of light fixture and lead to 50 to 80 percent energy savings and can save users thousands of dollars used each year in lights maintenance.
what makes led shoebox lights unique?
majority of led shoebox lights come with rugged cast aluminium housing that allows the fixtures to withstand harsh conditions.and with weather-light gasket seals,the lights remain water-proof even during heavy rains.a typical led shoebox fixture produces high-quality light,often measured in CRI,compared to HPS lights,LED lights require far less lumens to light the up either the indoor or outdoor for people to see.
benefits to led shoebox lights
there are far too many benefits of shifting from your conventional light bulbs or fixtures to led shoebox light,apart from saving money on your utility bills and maintenance costs,it will lead to better outdoorl lighting that will result in improved safety and security.
other advantages of installing this kind of lighting include:
-increased green profile due to economical power consumption
-adaptability in terms of the ability to a motion sensor,photocell and more.
-instant on/off,which ensures you enjoy 100 percent brightness immediately you switch it on.

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